Locuss Group was founded on behalf of the Tritum Group. This is a group of investment companies: Locuss Rent and Locuss Development.

Employees of the Tritum Group with the greatest experience were involved, but also a group of clients whose contacts and previous business involvement have brought great value.

The effect of cooperation was, among others establishment of the Locuss Fund. His main tasks at the beginning were the rental of commercial premises. During the first 15 months, the fund (only on commercial projects, i.e. renting real estate) reported a profit of over 15%.

In 2017, the Locuss Fund offer was expanded to include comprehensive implementation of development projects. It is about preparing and carrying out the entire process of organizing an investment project, also by implementing it for implementation, and finally also sales. The goal set for the Management Board is to achieve rates of return above 20% per annum.

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